Financial skill that school doesn’t teach

Financial skill that school doesn’t teach

Today I have a good financial situation to leave it. We often see that. Many people have financial problems, even with high education and good grades. That’s it. The courses we teach sometimes do not really allow us to live in the real world, if only academic lessons are available. Make many friends when they graduate. I do not know how to plan their finances. How do you spend your budget? How to save money before retirement? We may know the basics of construction, engineering, coding, patient treatment, drawing, but it’s about our own finances. We do not know where to start, so 4 precious financial lessons. You will find out in real life only come together. Go see it.


If you are lucky It may not be insurance. Because parents have been supporting them from the beginning, but in case the family does not have insurance. When we grow up Insurance is considered to be necessary in life to reduce the risk of financial losses of friends. There are many types of insurance. Car insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, etc. When you need to do comparative insurance research. The bad headache because I do not know what to buy insurance from any factor.

Tax filing

When you are graduated. It would be nice to have a salary of their own. In the end, it is independent. But at the end of the year, I have to do tax. I do not remember What should I submit? Income document of the whole year is not to be a mixture of all. Every year. Why does not the school teach us about taxation?

Budgeting And worth the cost.

Many times pay the wrong time. I do not know what to do. I do not know how much we should have to pay enough to spend on what is needed each month. How should they control their own expenses each month, not over budget? We can see that many people even just started a new job. Back to top To eat expensive food with friends. Shopping Non-stop He called it, I will not eat it. If you have discipline yourself and know how to make a budget. Friends will know their financial status, how much they should spend and should try more on the job. To have enough to used everyday.


Many people have been taught to save money. I have to agree to complete the money. From the children, yes? That is a good thing. But enough friends are adults. Finally, it is inevitable to buy a house or buy a car in the near future, because it is necessary for a new family of friends. How do you spend enough money on big things like this? What will be the retirement? I need to keep a little bit of money from now. When we are old, it is no longer a livelihood. Especially in modern society where people started to be more single. Who will take care of us?

Even though the school does not teach us the financial skills to survive on our own in the past. But it’s not a line for you to improve. Start learning and create a habit of collecting and controlling budgets right now.