Financial Planning After Marriage

Financial Planning After Marriage

The couple agreed to marry for a living together. It means agreeing to share or share life. Whether it is happiness or suffering together from now. Fiction or storytelling often ends with the hero and heroine getting married. But in the real world. Marriage is the end of a single life. The beginning of a new life is a life that is a different kind of life that we will find. Plan money is the first thing to do.

Money is important to everyone who decides to live life. We used to be single, we make money alone, but personally. But when you decide to live together. Become a family We are not alone anymore. But there will be a couple. Including children to come in the future. As a family We will have increased costs. Originally, everyone was home to their parents. If married, the family must buy a home or a home to create a new family. There must be a cost, such as a water bill, the cost of replacing a bigger car. If we do not plan money before deciding to live life. Money can become a problem that creates conflicts, couples do not happy. Have a fight I do not see how many of us are going to leave.

So it would be better for both parties to agree on money before sharing life. Especially if you work with both parties. Agreed on who will be responsible for the cost. Disclose information about money and have personal space for each party’s spending. It is important to understand that at first, there is no problem.

Open Account Together

Opening a joint account between husband and wife is a must. Earn some portion of your income each month as a midfielder, such as home payments, car payments, water bills, meals, etc. Some families Husband earns more. It’s more money than a midfield account. The wife also shares the income to save money to help ease the burden on the family.

Who will keep the family money?

Even though we both work together. Have a midfield account. Agreed before who will be responsible for the family money. It would be better. No, it’s busy and busy. Most female wives are more cautious about numbers. This is usually done. But there are many families as well. The decision to give the men to care.

Money Reveal Together

Before deciding to live together. Husbands and wives need to know the income and expenses of each party, such as money for parents every month. Tuition fee And even if each party has debts that come with it? In the near future, any husband or wife is going to have a special income bonus to be able to plan together to divide the income, such as dividing the home debt, etc., or if the husband is earning a living. one Wife is a housewife The wife should also know about her husband’s money to help save money, or to earn as much as possible, the deposit, investment or life insurance of each party. Should know the other side. Emergency You have to know where to invest money.

Has Private Area

Although we agreed to live together. But both should honor each other. The other party has a private space. The money. Husband or wife should have the right to choose from the income he earns. Each person’s personality and preferences may vary. So after dividing the money into savings. The rest can be used to save for personal use, such as the husband may prefer to buy new IT equipment, and his wife bought clothes or cosmetics.

Update Money Often

When a couple lives, their husbands or wives may be promoted or changed jobs to earn more. On the other hand, one party may face problems with work and money. The best way is to always update money. Communication is often better than letting others misunderstand or think to themselves.

Another important aspect of planning money for a couple life is over time. Layout or arrangement may not be possible. Because the problem or monsoon occurs with the family. Ask both sides to stand firm in understanding each other. Do not forget that life is like the same boat. I need to share happiness and happiness. When it comes to problems, it must be encouraged. Must know how to change yourself. Help to earn more. Will be heavy If it helps, it will be difficult to overcome the family. Do not forget to look at the happy family. We have a lot of happiness. Do this. Family will be family. And no matter whether it is money or not.